Let’s try this again

We are still trying to get a truck, trailer and grapple dedicated to Trees2Products. Using the farm gear has kept us from achieving all we can. Slow but sure and steady wins the race, but we’ll see if we can get a jump start.  Plus will be able to get glass recycling going again in Fillmore County and adjacent areas.  Last fall a survey on Facebook generated quite a bit of interest in the glass recycling. One truck, trailer and grapple and two waste streams averted. Less in the landfills. Less contaminates in the air from unnecessary burning of currently percieved waste wood.

So if you would please click on the picture on the right and go to FedEx to vote for us that would be awesome. You can vote once every 24 hours thru April 1, no foolin’. Name and email, click I’m not a Robot, then VOTE FOR THIS BUSINESS.

Top 100 entries move on to the next round.
10 winners – (1) $50k + $7.5k FedEx Office print and business services
(2) $30k + $5k FedEx Office print and business services
(3-8) $15k + $1k FedEx Office print and business services

If you’ve not seen our farm, watch the video contained in our profile and you’ll see a few cows, the snowy ponds and far left upper corner – the sawmill is in that corn crib (building).

If you want to hire us to mill a log or two, give us a call or drop us a line.

If you’re interested in particitpating in the glass recycling when we win (power of positive thinking), let us know that too.

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