More Recycling in our future

All sizes, all colors of Glass

All sizes, all colors of Glass –  beer to wine to pickles and jam

Back in the day when I worked for New Mexico State Forestry, I was Queen of Recycling. It was somewhat fitting that I married the man handling the recycling for his community. It was nice to find a community where people cared about recycling. But one item has been missing from the collection trailer. We’d like to change that.

Please help us determine the volume of glass and where we might be collecting from Fillmore County and surrounding communities to know if feasible. Thanks. Don’t hesitate to call or email with any thoughts, questions or partnership ideas. And please spread the word, we want to cover costs, not make a fortune.

By the way the glass would end up being processed – cleaned, crushed and ready to be processed (glass cullet) and then taken to Owens Corning, which uses it to make fiberglass insulation, and Ardagh, which turns it into new glass bottles.

Cheers to all of the good stewards of our resources out there. Let’s make more of a difference.

Please take this short  Survey if you live in or around Fillmore County, Nebraska.

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