Biochar – Future of Sustainable agriculture

Explanation of biochar – it’s history and just how it helps build soil and improve plant growth in a TEDx by Lauren Hale, when she was a PhD candidate at UC Riverside. Her research was on “the suitability of biochar to deliver plant growth-promoting bacteria into agricultural soils.”

At the very end she shows a small packet of biochar (that attendees received) and a flower pot. The packet of biochar was the amount needed to amend that volume of soil based on the trials she shows with cucumber plants (I’m guessing).


Give us a call. We’re gearing up to make biochr from wood that can’t go thru the sawmill due to size or condition. That includes small branches. So if a tree is coming down on your property for any reason, it doesn’t need to go to a tree dump or burned/burried in a waste pile. Give us a call or drop us a line (info in footer).

Tree coming down? Let’s craft a dream! Let’s build some soil!

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