Urban Tree Utilization

We have joined the Urban Wood Network (UWN), to share knowledge and lessons learned as we work to keep tree removals out of tree dumps and waste burn piles. Many have been doing it for years in other states.

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What it is

The UWN arose from the recognized need of dealing with the mass dieoff of ash after the introduction of the Emerald Ash Borer in Detroit, Michigan in 2002.  “The Urban Wood Network is made up of individual and organizational efforts in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin, working in cooperation to connect and enhance the full circle of sustainable urban forestry.” If you belong to a state’s urban wood association, you belong to UWN. Since Nebraska doesn’t have one, yet, we were able to join directly. 

We participated in a webinar last month that covered many topics and there will be other learning opportunities.

It’s a little less lonely knowing T2P isn’t the only company striving to rescue trees from the tree dumps and get them in the supply chain. Thou we also will utilize trees removed during windbreak removals or rennovations, pasture clearing, etc. Some of the challenges are the same. Metal from fences in lower log. Curvy logs and large branches produce character boards, not standard lumber. 


Our urban canopies are under attack from age, stress, insects and disease – life. We would prefer trees remain standing, providing their continual benefits cleaning the air and shading our buildings and streets. Shade on the impervious surfaces reduces the heat island affect in communities. So when a tree must come down as it dies or otherwise becomes a hazard, another should take its place. Look at the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum lists for recommended plants in your area. Of course, we recommend native plants.

When a tree needs to come down, it can be utilized. It can be used to build a continued memory. If a grandparent planted the tree, let’s make something from it. Even if nature planted the tree, it can be any number of products. A piece of art or usable item. Not just the large straight logs. Every part of a tree coming down can be utilized. Even if too small to mill or carve, like the branches, we’ll take and utilize to make biochar. 

Bottom line – if a tree’s coming down and you need assitance getting it utilized call us or another company to get it utilized.

Tree coming down? Let’s build a dream! or the soil with biochar. 



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