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We’re trying for a grant that will help us get a safer and more efficient way of gathering what’s perceived as ‘wood waste’. We will be an outlet for roughsawn lumber, custom wood products from spoons and clocks to furniture, and what isn’t Click to Vote carpentry

Click to Vote

Click to Vote

quality will be come biochar to be used as a soil amendment or in odor management among other purposes. Anticipated growth with the new grapple trailer will open up job opportunities locally.

Please click on the image and vote – one a day per person (unique person/email combination).  At next page click “Vote for this Business”, fill in first name, last name, email address. That’s it. Once per 24 hr period. Until April 4. Top 100 vote getters move on….

Thanks so much. Watch what we can do. Tree coming down? Let’s Craft a Dream. What do you want made when a tree in your yard has to come down?

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