Using our SCORE Prizes, pt 2

Well, this is actually pt 4, since the banners were displayed earlier, parades and window.

Security purchase

Security purchase

This item was on the must get list. When we take the mill to a client’s location, thought if we left it for a couple days we didn’t want it growing legs. Well, unfortunately, there’s been some thievery going on in our own back yard so it will get used quite a lot. Thankful that the Sam’s Club gift card could be used at Walmart buildings and online.

Neatness ain’t the only reason

Another item for use at client locations was a cotton drop cloth, normally used for painting. We’ll spread it along side the mill and catch at least a majority of the sawdust, depending on the wind of course.  That will keep the work area neat and not leave them a mess when we pull out.  Even at our location the recovery of sawdust is something we plan on, for it is also something that can be utilized. Down the line maybe wood pellets or bricks.

Organization isn’t for the faint of heart

Marking items and Scout

Marking items and Scout

Some of the other expendables arrived today. Lumber crayons in bright red. Blue Sharpies and weather proof labels! Didn’t know they existed! We want to be computerized in tracking – we have a bar code scanner we picked up at an auction (like so much of our tech) so we can generate bar code labels for tracking logs and the boards that come from them. That way we can keep the stories of where they come from straight. And some we will be milling on shares, so they have to have additional info. Until the bar code inventory is up and running, Sharpies on the labels. The crayons aid in cutting on the heart and board width. (We do have staple guns, don’t think the labels will stick all that well, but was tempted to get that pretty yellow Stanley staple gun – I’ll use Grandpa’s).

The SCORE win jump started some things needing gathered and implemented. Just need more hours in the day. Thanks, SCORE and Sam’s Club/Walmart Foundation.



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