Using our SCORE prizes

Shows how much “It’s All Connected”. Nature. Everything we do on the farm or for clients. Getting tools and equipment that have multiple uses, crossing over all our passions and jobs.

I didn’t want to get consumable items with our Sam’s Club gift card, but the safety equipment kinda fell into that category. Ear plugs are reusable for one person, but sharing them… ick. The safety glasses will be reused and sanitized between users. And the leather gloves will wear out, but it will take a while.

The chainsaws got a work out the other day. It’s first use was trimming fallen branches off the electric fence on two occasions. Much simpler and lighter taking the small saw on a mile hike.  Then I cut the 4″ tops off a maple and a cedar log to make cookie coasters. (Picture soon, forget which camera…)

Then a new pivot on neighbors property was going to hit the cottonwood on the property line. Side note: Another reason foresters in Nebraska are frustrated. A tree on the boundary of two owners is not solely either owner. One can prune the side hanging over their property without the other agreeing or even knowing it’s going to happen. Even if it kills the tree.

We are grateful the other owner allowed us to prune the branches, with a great deal of compromise – we took off low hanging branches and they shortened the pivot. And all because the installing company hadn’t measured – this wasn’t the only tree in the way, just the largest. Oldest. Gerald remembers lunching under it with his father.

Boundary cottonwood

Boundary cottonwood Left before, right after pruning

Pruned improperly and it could shorten its life. It was possible a 4 foot diameter branch, more of a fork really, connected about 4 feet from the ground would need to come off.  You can see it in the right image. So far it didn’t need to come off, because they shortened the pivot.

So how did this use our prizes? Greenworks electric chainsaw. With our Sam’s Club gift card we purchased an 18″ 40V saw. When looking for a second battery, we saw a 12″ 40V on sale with rebate making it $88 (at a different store). So for less than half the normal price of a second battery we would also have a second chainsaw. No brainer. But we wouldn’t have thought to be looking and seen the sale had it not been for our SCORE American Small Business Championship win! We certainly leveraged our winnings!

Aren't they cute. Greenworks 40V chainsaws

Aren’t they cute. Greenworks 40V chainsaws

No fuel mix to worry about. Lighter weight for me. Safer to start – especially in the air, in the bucket. And faster cutting than one would think from battery operated chainsaw. I see lots of work in their future.

Using 40V chainsaw in bucket

Using 40V chainsaw in bucket



So thanks again SCORE for the opportunity to work safer, sooner.

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