Another parade

After Geneva Days Parade

After Geneva Days Parade

Geneva Days Parade to celebrate our Nation’s Independence Day. And I forgot the flag, grrrrrr.

Had conversations with a few people after the parade about either logs they have or slabs they want. Too bad they were repeat conversations and not new leads. But we planted the seed.

Ordered some maintenance items and an alignment guide that apparently is still in a storage room in Missouri that the seller didn’t know went with the mill. The chance discussion I had with a Wood-Mizer rep at the workshop last week I hope is fruitful in results. Items should be here Friday, so planning some mill time.

Next cuttings

Must get a walnut, maple, oak and pine up there and see if I can get a couple good looking 2+ inch slabs and get them drying. Pictures to share with client to see if any fit his dream conference table for his law office. A couple slabs in the 1.5 inch area for another in his son’s office. Will be putting stacking and air flow knowledge learned last week into practice PDQ.

Need to get a solar kiln up and functioning. Too bad Sam’s Club didn’t have parts for that. Need to get a few tree loss appraisals finished, which will happen first. Also need to go pedal that business plan after one more review.

Also updated my status for a fire assignment. Many of my friends are fighting wildfires. I do infrared interpretation for the big fires from Nebraska. Remote work saves us tax dollars – you don’t have to pay for travel, feed me or provide a hotel for me to work at night and sleep in day.

Took a break from an appraisal to get this post out. So back to that I go.  Happy 4th of July, so happy for our freedoms.

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