All in the Family

Have a tree planted by an ancestor? Don’t loose the history when the tree dies. Let’s craft a dream.

Have a large family? Depending on size of tree, we can make serveral …. mantel clocks; wall clocks; butcher blocks; picture frames, end tables, floating shelves… start dreaming.

Call us…

after you schedule the tree removal, we can try to coordinate milling on site or picking up log for milling later. Any hardwood log not immediately placed on the sawmill will have the end/branch wounds sealed with a wax-like product to reduce splits and checks that could degrade the lumber and future products. Conifers like pine and cedar can actually wait – not on the ground, but on supports, and dry a little to reduce sap during milling.

Small material (less than 6″) should be mulched. Sub-par logs and branches can be firewood. All of it going to the tree dump or waste pile isn’t necesary. If you don’t want it, we’ll take it for someone else’s dream project. Some see defects in logs as bad things, others see them as opportunity. I’m opportunistic and find defects have their own beauty.

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