Sawmill Workshop

Old log

Old log – checks on end

Level heart. Level Log. Toe boards. Blade tension. Hook angle. Checks. Cracks. Defect. Cant. Slab. Live edge. Best face. 2nd worse face. Flatsawn. Quarter sawn. Some good, some bad, but all associated with milling logs.

Slabs from old log

Slabs from old log

Proper stickering. Air flow. Spalting. Fungus. Cupping. Package. Course. Some good, some bad, but all associated with drying lumber. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (buyer)

Character wood vs National Hardwood Lumber Association grading standards. Pinterest, Facebook and other social media outlets seem to have opened up more markets for non-traditional pieces of lumber. It doesn’t all need to be FAS  (First and Seconds) which means it’s at least 6″ wide, 8′ long and will produce at least 4″ x 5′ or 3″ x 7′ that is clear of defects for 83 1/3%. But there are lumber snobs. I find beauty in it all.  Praying we find enough customers that want the character wood, since I don’t think we’ll be finding a great deal that mills up to grade.

Mill checkup

From conversation I had with the Woodmizer representative that was in attendance, I learned that reading manuals and researching ‘issues’ doesn’t always garner the only answer. Maybe not even the right fix. I’ve ordered a blade guide alignment tool which wasn’t passed on with the mill from the previous owner, a 4 degree blade, drive belt and 2 blade wheel belts. The maintenance log is being printed and will be kept in the supply box as well as a time log. Should figure out a way of adding an hour meter… 

Other uses

Heard several unique markets for edges and character wood. When a log has sweep or bow and you slice off part to make the log flat to start making boards that piece is used by taxidermists for mounts. Guess I’ll be looking up some local taxidermy shops.

Will have to step up the development of web store and get some boards dried for small indoor projects and make a sample piece of outdoor furniture. Maple grilling planks … next log on.  Simple wine rack – next design to be made. Rustic floating shelves…. let me know if you’ve been looking for something specific. If you want something where you know the story behind the wood. Each pile has a story. We’ll track it thru to products. Guess we need UPC generator….

#bizchampion final purchase

Figuring final purchase to finish out our Sam’s Club Gift card – making the most out of each dollar. A few tools I saw at the workshop we’ll need, going to see if I can find them at our sponsor’s stores.

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