#bizchampion Purchases, part 3

To assist in marketing and probably resource videos for activities clients can use around their property, part of our Sam’s Club gift card provided a GoPro Hero 4. Now, some of you know I’m a photographer. But this little box I’m thinking is not a camera. Quite the learning curve. Got the app on my phone. Can view and change settings, just wish I knew what they meant.

Use often, learn much (?)

Not to sure about that.┬áStuck it in my shirt pocket to film as I moved about the mill….going from bright light into the corn crib it was REALLY dark. Too bad you could have gotten scared when the raccoon came down the wall north of the mill. The day before I had it attached with a clip to the funny shoulder thing on the old unifrom shirt I was wearing as sun protection and picked up fence posts out of the corn stalks.

Take 2

Take 2

It filmed upside down, but I knew I’d be able to flip it. But it stopped filming and I didn’t know it. It had to repair the file it did record. I discovered I’d used too slow of a micro SD card. We’ve purchased a recommended card and it will arrive today. Yea.




Here’s the video right side up, or so I thought

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/T6EHzPD6K6c” height=300 width=320 ]


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