#bizchampion purchases, part 2

It’s a fun to be a #BizChampion. Always fun spending money, right? When it’s items you’ve been wanting or are possible to help with efficiency? Thanks to the opprotunity SCORE and Sam’s Club provided, we were able to get some of both. If you didn’t see on Facebook earlier, we purchased Trees2Products Business banners to brand our work locations and use at home and garden/farm shows, and one that shows all 5 of our DBA names that will be used constantly.  (Part 1 purchase)

Trees2Products Banners on mill for parade

Trees2Products Banners on mill for parade

Slezak Podniky Banner in shop window

Slezak Podniky Banner in shop window (really need to get rid of the old dots on the window)







Part 2

Other items included 18” 40V cordless chainsaw and safety gear to help Slezak Ag & Natural Resources grow.  Getting lithium-ion cordless chainsaw to use when trimming up logs for the mill while not having to mess with gas/oil mix and gas for the sawmill will help with expense and efficiency. The electric chainsaw will also be much safer starting with a push button than yanking a cord when trimming trees from the bucket truck.

And we stumbled on a spare 40V battery (at terriffic discount at another store) that just happened to come with a 12″ chainsaw. Who can pass up a sale and an 11% rebate equating to a chainsaw and 40V battery for $88. Used the 12″ on Sunday afternoon clearing some electric fence of dead and downed. Light to carry. Easy to start. And went thru a 6″ log real easy. Of course, I had to cut it with utilization in mind.

Dead and down

Dead and down – cut just out of image on right

About 6" - forgot to measure

About 6″ – forgot to measure







Safety items

When a client is watching and giving input on boards and cuts, I wanted to provide ear plugs and safety glasses. We’ll let them keep the ear plugs and reuse the safety glasses after cleaning with disinfectant wipes. Our #bizchampion gift card allowed us to get a box of 200 pairs of ear plugs and a dozen pair of safety glasses. We’ll cover the wipes.

Part 3 purchase reports coming soon….

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