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They don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.At the Midwest Regional Training in Dallas, SCORE users and Mentors spoke in the day long training about social media for business, marketing, and provided encouragement. One of the statements that stuck with me more than others was during Giselle Champman’s lively talk. Chapman of Chapman Business Solutions, Inc., in California, spoke about “Igniting Passion & Performance”.


In her talk was a quote from Simon Sinek: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Some did not know their why. I knew ours. I studied forest management to ensure trees were around for future generations. Trees are a crop. They just take longer to mature than corn and soybeans. Harvest some. Plant more. And like corn, they should be utilized when they are removed. Even urban trees.

Gerald and I have been married nine years. Gerald is fourth generation to farm the family ground, where father James started conservation practices before Gerald was born – building ponds and planting windbreaks. I am a forester. A different kind of farmer for a crop not recognized on the Plains. So, I am working on taking trees removed for ag expansion or from towns and villages for whatever reason, and getting them in the supply chain.

Trees2Products was born out of frustration. Sustainable management. Not wasting resources. That’s our ‘why’ for Slezak Ag & Natural Resources consulting. And the new hands-on tree utilization service. Expressing the ‘why’ so others understand? That is a hurdle. One of the other hurdles is improving efficiency and safety of gathering logs.

I have a forest management degree. Am a Certified Forester. I worked 15 years for New Mexico State Forestry with landowners and loggers to meet utilization standards. Slezak Ag acquired a sawmill for processing logs for the best use. We have a chipper. Now we just have to have a dedicated truck and trailer with a grapple to get the logs. When we hear a log is available, inevitably the farm truck and equipment are tied up.


Trees are a renewable resource and have a natural life span. Unfortunately with the inevitable arrival of Emerald Ash Borer all our ash will die in 10 – 20 years after detection. Thousand Cankers Disease will claim our walnut trees as it marches across the nation. With both, an increase in tree removals is coming. If we don’t plant some ‘replacement’ trees now, our communities – homes and businesses will have increased utility bills if ash and walnut are shading them now.

Custom sawmill services are available for every tree that has to be removed. When the homeowner or farmer wants to make something, have something made, or just not wasted. Every tree should be utilized for their highest use. For some trees that could be firewood or mulch. Other trees can be pallets, railroad ties, baseball bats, picture frames, picnic tables or custom furniture. Trees2Products will facilitate the best use, even if it’s with another company.

We are also eligible to win one of three additional $25,000 grand prizes by being named Grand Champion. A judging panel of small business experts will select three Grand Champion from the group of Small Business Champions this summer. Selection is based on how effectively Champions utilize the Sam’s Club gift card and the SCORE regional training events to grow business revenue, as well as how effectively the winners promoted the Championship in the media and social media.

To learn more about The American Small Business Championship and to view the complete list of Champions, visit www.championship.score.org.


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